Oriali Firenze is an Italian brand specializing in quality shirts and accessories - ties and scarves - for men. Created by Roberto Mascolo, fashion director with many years of experience in the production of high fashion clothing for the best names in men's fashion, Oriali Firenze combines elegance and quality.

A unique recognizable design that combines British style with the quality of Italian "fatto a mano".

The creations of Oriali Firenze are elegant and contemporary, perfect for those who want to bring a touch of Italian chic and dolce vita style.

Our products are highly versatile and match any occasion and season: business meetings, weekend getaways, outings with friends, gala dinners.

A tribute to Made in Italy, all our garments are timeless classics and the result of years of experience. At Oriali Firenze we choose the best fabrics and Italian artisanship. Our mission is to make the contemporary man standing out in garments that best express his personality.

Every time you wear a piece of Oriali Firenze, you will hear that feeling of comfort and confidence that comes from its fit and its design.